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Popular Music Industry Dept of STUST was the first institute to cultivate pop music professionals in the Taiwan, who have strengthened creation abilities and a broadened worldview.

Educational Goals of Program in Popular Music Industry Department, there are four areas of learning objectives of curriculum content as future requirements for expertise in the industry.

The progream Educational Goals:
I. Performance Creation: to cultivate students with the ability to create, sing, play music (including: keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass, drums).
II. Performance Management: cultivating students with the ability to Marketing, Planning and Management on concerts, artist contracts, record production and other aspects.
III. Sound Recording & Post-Production: to cultivate students with the ability to record engineering (recording, mixing, post-production).
IV. Theatrical Lighting & Sound Technology: to cultivate students with the ability to Live Concert Production (stage design & Engineering , performing arts design, live sound engineering & applications, stage lighting design).

Based on student their own interests and abilities, the main factors to consider include your values, interests, ability and attributes and personality. The students will choose one of the majors: "Music Creation and Performance" or "Audio Technology and Stage Production" as the main axis of the whole learning. Meanwhile, student will take the course of "Performing Artists" to make students cross-disciplinary and professional become the talent of the pop music industry.

Welcome to apply to the Popular Music Industry department., you must first apply to STUST. Your admissions materials will go straight to the university admissions office. Please refer to the “Apply to STUT” page.

If you have any questions not covered here or would like more info, please contact us:: Mr. Darby Liao
Office of International Affairs

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